Creating a new era
Opening up the future along with regional revitalization

A data center company that combines world-class technology and management standards.


Designing a sustainable future

Companies have a mission that extends into the future. It is not only about generating sustainable profits that ensure business continuity, but also about protecting a sustainable environment and nurturing and delivering talented individuals who can bring hope for a better future.
At Blockvalue, we aim to provide information services with high added value through cutting-edge equipment, and foster the next generation of leaders through practical education led by world-class engineers.

Join us in shaping the new world of technology

We continue to evolve to supply computing power to large-scale networks around the world.



Changing the common sense of networking in Japan.

Compared to overseas, Japan's server vendor service supply specs are still inferior. One of the reasons for this is the high cost of electricity, but we have succeeded in raising it to the highest level in Japan by promoting regional revitalization and collaborating with Shiga town in Ishikawa prefecture and Hokuriku Electric Power. We also develop our own software in addition to hardware, and provide clients with software that maximizes the use of hardware, which has helped us establish a unique positioning in the market.


We treat our clients with the utmost respect and hospitality.

We actively disclose information about the often black-boxed network behind the scenes through information disclosure and factory tours. Even if you are interested in our technology and specs, you cannot proceed with a contract without a relationship of trust. Therefore, we hold tours and informational sessions about our data centers. We also provide transportation via limousine or helicopter for our VIP clients.


We guarantee the highest level of quality in Japan.

Our company always introduces the latest server equipment and software, which enables us to achieve unparalleled computational processing power and electric cost-performance that cannot be imitated by other companies. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel any difference in comparison to your existing contract. We are always prepared to deliver results beyond your expectations.

SERVICEBusiness Description

We would like to introduce our four business sectors that utilize the latest technology to lead humanity into the future. Please look forward to our innovative technological advancements and the realization of a new future.