Tax saving consulting for corporations

Our company provides corporate tax consulting utilizing computer resources.


Ways for a general company to reduce taxes
  • Utilization of Small and Medium Enterprise Insolvency Prevention Insurance.
  • Utilization of small and medium-sized enterprises’ retirement benefit mutual aid.
  • Purchase of assets for which the special depreciation (accelerated depreciation) can be applied for amounts less than 300,000 yen.
  • Disposal of fixed assets.
  • Reviewing obsolete inventory.
  • Payment of year-end bonuses.
  • Utilization of life insurance.
  • Utilization of property and casualty insurance.
  • Employee trip.
  • Purchase of luxury cars.
  • Aircraft leasing
  • Purchasing a second-hand ship.
Tax-saving methods utilizing our company’s unique computer resources.

Our company can contribute to the cash flow management of companies by offering our unique tax saving formats such as the difficult “immediate lump-sum depreciation” and creating schemes that allow for the assets that have been depreciated to return in the shortest possible time.

Focusing only on reducing current taxes can lead to a decrease in cash flow and even the risk of bankruptcy despite being in the black.

We will propose planned and innovative tax saving methods for our client companies leading up to their accounting month.