Large-scale GPU network service.

No need for equipment investment and no hassle.
We provide a large-scale GPU network resource.

Features of our large-scale GPU network service include.

■We provide GPU infrastructure through domestic data centers.
You can utilize high-performance GPU computing resources exclusively for your company. By introducing IaaS to domestic data centers, you can use them with peace of mind and security.

■We offer the latest GPU features at a low price.
We can provide a customized quote at the best price for your company. Our high-performance GPU computing resources can be efficiently used for scenes with high GPU utilization such as:
・Deep learning
・AI training.

■We offer a managed service to provide you with the optimal GPU configuration.
We provide managed services that guarantee safe system operation with a network configuration that maximizes performance.


Specific use cases of our client companies.

Our GPU supply enables government agencies such as public safety and police to shorten the time required to obtain evidence through video analysis and image analysis, and to improve the quality, contributing to national security. Normally, processing the thousands of videos and feeds obtained from security cameras or unmanned exploration devices would take a tremendous amount of time, but by using our GPUs, it is possible to speed up the process by several hundred times, making it easier for analysts to identify specific targets or individuals.

The analysis of vast amounts of video and data obtained from security cameras and UAVs had become a “new big data” challenge for the defense industry. Even with high-quality videos, it was impossible to analyze and obtain information at high speed. However, by utilizing our GPUs, video analysis information including correction can now be obtained at an unprecedented speed.