Message from CEO

Thank you for your continued support. Our company was established with the mission of revolutionizing Japan’s regional revitalization and data networks.

I have previously served as a representative for Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, and Crocs Japan in their early stages of growth. Each time I have taken on this role, I have done so with the conviction that these companies have the potential to change the world for the better.

The company we have founded, called Blockvalue, will provide unparalleled services in Japan by utilizing AI and blockchain to enhance our computational output. AI can quickly read and understand data and link it together, bringing new levels of intelligence to blockchain-based business networks. Furthermore, blockchain provides access to vast amounts of data from outside and within the company, supporting the scaling of AI.

Our technology will undoubtedly be necessary in various fields such as health management, life sciences, financial services, and supply chains as AI and blockchain continue to develop.

Our vision is to “design a sustainable future,” and we are fully committed to achieving this goal.

We kindly ask for your continued support of our company and group.

Thank you,

Blockvalue Inc.
CEO Mike Onishi