Software development.

GPU-optimized software development tailored to client companies.

We are working on various software development projects that integrate with GPUs in our company.

Developing digital forensics software

Scientific investigation techniques and software for incident response, legal disputes and lawsuits, preservation and analysis of electronic records, as well as investigation and information gathering related to tampering and destruction of electronic records, in response to unauthorized use of computer and network resources, service disruption, data destruction, unauthorized information disclosure and other related incidents and events.

Development of software for predicting weather patterns.

The current weather forecast is supported by artificial intelligence. By extracting data sets from various satellite images and training models, it is possible to build a model that finds weather patterns such as cloud movements. The feature detection is automated, and the software incorporates functions to identify danger from severe weather, near-Earth objects, and more.

Visual search service software development

This is software development for visual search services. This software allows searching using image data instead of text. By matching similar images in site content based on the color and shape of specific objects in the image, it enables image search. Users may not be able to reach the desired answer with only text when the necessary information is in an ambiguous state.